Copper Country History for Home Schools


New Library on Copperland Corporation’s website! A few historical documents to get your home school students on the path to understanding the rich copper mining history in Keweenaw, Houghton & Ontonagon counties.

These are our favorites, but there will be more to come.

“Where Copper was King” had us laughing til tears ran down our faces, and guessing which mine author James North Wright was focusing his fiction on. (I think it was the Minesota.)

James North Wright (1839-1910), by the way, was agent for the mighty Quincy mine in 1868. In 1880 he was the agent for Calumet & Hecla Consolidated (in direct competition with Minesota), and in 1888 he became superintendent of C&H.

Captain Vivian Johnson was agent at the Franklin & Pewabic and Huron mines in 1880. See if you can identify him in author Wright’s “Where Copper was King”.


Copper finds on Laurium’s poor rock piles

What does this fissure copper specimen look like to you?
What does this fissure copper specimen look like to you?

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Ana & Sera Lester don’t need metal detectors to find float copper on Copper Country rock piles. It’s in their blood – perhaps much like the old Cornish miners who directed underground explorations for C&H and other Lake Superior copper mines.

Even these “poor rock” piles on the gasplant trail yield copper – and modern electrolytic & other refining techniques can extract other valuable minerals, for those interested in space-age industries. Of course, large corporations scoff at small quantities – but the opportunity awaits the small-industry adventurers.

Micro-wind turbine project update

Updated wind turbine blade hub
Updated wind turbine blade hub

Copperland partner PNGinc has improved the design of its small wind turbine hub to facilitate manufacturing & installation. The company plans to manufacture critical hardware parts and provide online blade construction workshops for do-it-yourself customers.

By building the blades that mount on this 1.5 kW vertical axis wind generator, Copper Country residents can slash thousands of dollars off their investment into renewable energy.

This rooftop wind generator is scheduled for testing later this month.

Declaration of Independence 2015

July 4, 2015 – For numerous decades the people of the United States of America and the world have quite passively endured deliberate and ongoing violations of the original Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitutions of the United States and Global Human Rights around the world.

With the recent ruling of the U.S. supreme court to uphold Congress’s “Sodom & Gomorrah Act”, it is now high time for true Christians to break with secular traditions, and declare their absolute right to Liberty and Freedom under the Powers of God!
Indeed, the war between God and the devil, which began with the creation & was then set in stone between Jesus and the Jews some 2,000 years ago, must now be concluded in this endtime.

For too many years Judeo-Christians have taught universal suffrage of lying corruption, brought on by the Jews and institutionalized in the governments of the United States and the western industrialized nations. But when Jesus said to the Jews in his day, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the deeds of your father ye will do – for he was a murderer from the beginning”, the church that claimed His name refused to contradict Satan’s children.
Because the churches have refused to cut with the corruption of the ancient evil, and establish the Kingdom of God on earth, we have witnessed an ongoing and unstoppable march toward ultimate destruction in this country.

Indeed, we have witnessed a government on all levels of society break every article, every statute, every law established by the original patriarchs. With the passage of every congressional act or law, starting in the early 20th century, we have seen a steady eroding of every one of the bills of individual rights.

Congress has laid claims to illegal regulation of all private matters such as gun rights and self-medication rights. It has flagrantly violated every one of the original 10 Amendments, and particularly Title 18, Section 242 of the U.S. code of conduct. It has decreed that U.S. citizens are now illegally placed under military law, and may be held indefinitely without charge.

But the icing on the cake is that now Christians are subject to the laws & vile affections of the Sodomites. This is where we must cut the ties with government.
It is bad enough that governments claim all rights to all our properties, but to go even further and claim we must all serve military murderers and members of the cult of Sodom & Gomorrah, has gone too far.

As representatives of the Western section of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, commonly known as the Copper Country, we declare a present & ongoing state of Independence from all government and institutions of the United States of America and its allies.
In the months to come, we will reiterate our position of Independence, Liberty and Freedom under God alone, and we will uncover the truths of how this country was derailed from the processes of Liberty by the most vile entities of the human race and finally demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, how to get back on track with the one true God and Creator of the universe.

We will demonstrate exactly how to rebuild new global economies that are both solvent & eternal – along with processes and products that liberate mankind for all of eternity through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior – soon coming to rule the world in place of His sworn enemies: Satan and the Jews!

Solar District Heating for Copper Country, Copperland Modeling Project Underway

3D model of Central Mine, Keweenaw county is underway
Heating Central’s historic agent house: 3D model of Central Mine, Keweenaw county is underway

Copperland Corporation is currently modeling historic mining sites in Keweenaw County. The 3D models will be used in presenting opportunities for nonprofit community utilities that slash heating bills for Copper Country residents.

Minewater district heating projects underway include Central Mine, Mohawk #4, Phoenix Mine & Quincy #2.

Copperland Wind Workshop #3 – rooftop mount parts & assembly

Copperland Wind Workshop
Thanks to Laurium resident Bronson Lester for participation in our Copperland Wind Workshop. WATCH US ON YOUTUBE!

We had another great U.P. wind storm in Alger county last night! Can’t wait to harness the power & share our results with Copper Country residents who are watching this project.

Assembling the parts on this rooftop wind generator mount is easy. More how-to videos to come will show blade construction, assembly & operation. Our proof of concept wind turbine is nearing completion – next will be a DIY version demonstrating renewable energy production in the Keweenaw! Thanks to Bronson Lester for his participation in this Copperland Wind Workshop.