Bill helps hobby mines

Why do legislators always put the skip before the mule?

Instead of encouraging money mongers to invest in mini-mines that create a temporary trickle down from a half dozen jobs – go for the gold! Put a paycheck in 5,000 local pockets every month, while you do the primary job of government: Serve the people.

I’m talking about permanent cost of living relief for people in Calumet, Wolverine, Allouez, Mohawk, and all the communities located near abandoned mines.

Remember your history. Copper booms always go bust, and eventually every “paternalistic” copper company abandoned our communities. They even scrapped out the steam heating systems that kept people from freezing to death. Well, there are desperate people in Houghton, Keweenaw & Ontonagon counties today who fear shut-off notices and catastrophic interruptions of service!

Believe me, these temporary legislative fixes won’t keep the economic “hanging” from collapsing on our struggling families. They are money-centric, rather than Christ-centric.

Fact is, God let the old mining operations stall out & go to ruin because He didn’t want to bless East coast venture capitalist greed. He was preparing something better for us. As we have published on our Copperland site, God’s plan for the Copper Country is both do-able and permanent:

  1. First set up community-owned district heat & power utilities. Free up abandoned mines for energy mining. – Copperland is now able to develop the front end at our cost for townships to plumb up to homes.
  2. Residents install rooftop solar collectors to feed hot water back to energy storage shafts. – Christian-minded volunteers help build collectors at community workshops.
  3. All utility bills are cut by 50% – effectively “putting money into the pockets” of citizens.
  4. The nonprofit utility companies keep bills eternally low while using any excess profit to expand their utility & benefit the community.

Only then can small, non-polluting miners extract the other hidden treasures from Copper Country’s underground resources – using renewable energy for all phases of their operations.


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