An open letter to U.P. local politicians, residents, and Francis X Donnell of the Detroit News

Francis X Donnell’s “Detroit News” article of May 17, 2017 brings to light the problems of rapid continuing decline of population, monetary resources & public services here in the U.P. For those of us who have lived in the U.P. for some time, it is not news, but should be a wake-up call to do something now to halt the domino effect of a collapsing way of life.

The real problem is the lack of local small industry diversification. For too long, the people of the U.P. have been too dependent on only three major industries: Tourism, Mining, Logging.

Even though mining and logging were the key factors in opening up this region & establishing communities, as each mine failed, workers moved on to greener pastures. Since most mining and logging operations have ceased, only tourism and small businesses have kept the region alive. Now that the general economy of the country, and in fact the world, is failing, there is much less tourism to keep local businesses in the black.

The U.P. is rapidly dying, and no politician on either the local, state or federal level has a clue as to how to reverse the trend.

Enter: Copperland

Several years ago, Copperland Corporation was formed to deal with exactly this situation. For years, Copperland’s founders, who have lived in the U.P. for over 20 years, have tracked two growing trends: rapid increase in utility costs, and steadily declining business opportunities. Realizing that these two factors would eventually lead to a total collapse of communities, they formed a corporation with bylaws adhering to Christian principles:

  • take a nonprofit approach to developing new small industry
  • lower the cost of living
  • do away with killing local taxes
  • create a floating regional economy which will not sink with the rest of U.S. and world collapsing economics.

People ask, “Is there anything real that can be done to accomplish these goals?” You bet there is! It all begins with stopping the hemorrhaging of monetary resources. Most of U.P. income is exported out of the area through high-cost living – namely food, utilities, fuel and transportation. In the year 2000, we determined that energy and transportation would become the two most significant needs of the 21st century; brother, we are already there!

Economic Revolution

In order for the U.P., or any community on the planet, to survive, it must revolute – turn 180 degrees around on its course and begin anew. Instead of lazily pursuing the greedy dollar, we must all begin investing in our futures.

Copperland has all of the technical answers to man’s problems except one: community cooperation. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink it.

Everyone wants an easy answer, an inspiring answer to their problems, but few will commit the time to learn a new way of life. That is why Copperland believes in establishing community industrial & economic development clubs. – People need time and a place to learn about simple, low-cost solutions to their problems. The club environment is ideal for this type of community retraining.

Copperland technologies are not only designed to immediately lower the cost of living, but they are the pathway to creating new industry, resulting in new positive cash flow, the return and growth of communities, and with the local governments providing local utilities, killing taxation can be completely eliminated!

Ken Rieli
Copperland Corporation

Contact me if you would like to discuss this further.