Dump dependency on dirty coal power

Electric utilities eat up an awful lot of Copper Country income that is needed to reinvigorate the LOCAL economy, not line the pockets of out-of-state utility companies. Even the old copper mining companies here recognized the value of clearing cropland alongside their mining locations. They used the crops to feed livestock - those poor beasts … Continue reading Dump dependency on dirty coal power

A little snow, a lot of directed energy on climate change

Copperland Corporation presented its minewater district heating utility strategy during discussions at the 4th Climate Cafe in Hancock, Michigan.Hosted by a local activist group, Keweenaw Climate Change, on December 1, 2016 the meeting drew close to 100 people and featured speakers on green energy, energy conservation, renewable energy policy & more.

Solar District Heating for Copper Country, Copperland Modeling Project Underway

Copperland Corporation is currently modeling historic mining sites in Keweenaw County. The 3D models will be used in presenting opportunities for nonprofit community utilities that slash heating bills for Copper Country residents. Minewater district heating projects underway include Central Mine, Mohawk #4, Phoenix Mine & Quincy #2.

Community-owned Utilities, pathway to Quality of Life

A recent Michigan Tech study on the potential of minewater district heating reinforced the benefits that many communities are already experiencing: local job creation, new business attraction, enhanced tourism & much-needed energy savings. There is no reason why Michigan’s Copper Country should be left behind in the transition to renewable energy utilities. LEARN MORE HERE: … Continue reading Community-owned Utilities, pathway to Quality of Life

Transform your Copper Country property into a heat resource business

WANTED: Property owners in Keweenaw, Houghton & Ontonagon counties whose land includes a suitable mine shaft to work with Copperland Corporation on a district heating project. Copperland Corporation works with counties, townships & individuals to turn abandoned mine resources into a energy-mining ventures. We encourage community-owned 501(c)12 nonprofit utilities in order to keep heat & … Continue reading Transform your Copper Country property into a heat resource business